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Online Sales

Refresh your eCommerce business' digital marketing strategy with the help of our team and enjoy a higher ROAS and a stronger Online Revenue flow.

Lead Generation

Get more calls, form fills, sign-ups, bookings, and reservations. Our team knows exactly how to lower your Cost-Per-Lead and scale your business.

Foot Traffic Growth

Utilize our proven Omni-Channel paid search marketing strategies that apply to any brick & mortar brand and have a measurable impact, both online and offline.

Why Choose Us

15+ years in digital Marketing

For nearly two decades, we’ve successfully managed the digital transformation of brands for ad agencies and corporate America alike. Having worked with a variety of industries and budgets, we were excited to finally offer our digital expertise to brands directly.


We are committed to helping your business goals become a reality by putting in daily work within the platforms. Decades of our practical experience in account and campaign management are all to your business' advantage.

Transparent & Empathetic approach

We truly enjoy partnering with our clients and welcome communication & feedback. We will share performance insights, we will honestly and openly advise on what's best for your business, we will address any questions or concerns.

we Work with you As One team

To us, the first goal before everything else is to become one mind with your business to deliver results that you aim for. Let's start the journey as one team, to amplify the impact.

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Our Track Record

A 91% Increase In Online REvenue

Our clients' e-commerce accounts have seen an average growth of 91% in Online Revenue in the first 30 days post-take-over, all at flat spend.
This track record should give you confidence that we will start by honing in on your efficiencies while expanding into the new opportunities for your business.

46% Reduction in A Cost-Per-Lead

If you have an existing Google Ads Account that generates leads, we are happy to inform you that once our team takes over, you are likely to see a 46% reduction in your Cost-Per-Lead expense within the first 30 days.
If you do not have a Google Ads Account, be sure that we will set it up in the most efficient way.

4.5X Store Visit Growth

With the help of Google-owned ad channels, we were able to boost our local clients' presence by almost 400%.
Our Clients reported "feeling" the impact of the local ad campaigns nearly within the first 24 hours past launch.
Every business deserves to be discovered and loved locally.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Who We Are

Disrupt Magazine wrote about Clever Boss Paid Search Services

CleverBoss was born out of love for our craft, desire to make a difference, and a goal to bring heart into every aspect of business operations.

We are a result-focused Paid Search and digital marketing team operating from the head office in Melbourne, FL & serving regional and national clients.

Our company was established in 2018 by the seasoned paid search professional with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. A desire to serve clients in a more effective and positively-disruptive way was at the foundation of this company. We are known for our data-driven strategic planning, methodical approach & flexibility.

To achieve our clients’ goals, we utilize Google & Microsoft Search Ads, Shopping Ads,  Display/Banner Ads, YouTube & Amazon Ads & more. These ad channels are used in a custom media mix depending on the type of business, ad spend & performance goals.

You can rely on our team for your PPC Account Management needs, Lead Generation, E-Commerce Sales Generation, and local Store Visitation Lift strategy.

Contact us if your agency needs SEM Team Augmentation Services as well as White Label SEM.

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