Ed Tech Lead-Generation Account Case Study


An EdTech client was directed to us with a request to restructure and optimize their PPC account for a lower Cost-Per-Lead.

The company generated leads at a cost of just under $200 which was more than they wanted to pay.

The original account consisted of a National as well as a few regional campaigns. Each of the campaigns was generating leads at a CPL ranging anywhere from $160 to $550.


Our team suggested consolidating all locations into the same campaign as there was no specific need for keeping them separate apart from the ad messaging. Other essential optimizations were made pertaining to Campaign Settings, Ad Scheduling, Ad Extensions expansion, as well as keyword and negative keyword mining.


30 Days after the restructure, the PPC account has seen a 40% decrease in CPL, generating 104% more Conversions only at a 24% increase in Investment pre/post.

Case Study Aftermath

The Client was extremely satisfied with the outcome especially that the results were nearly instant.

Currently, the account’s CPL is down to $60 which is 70% less than what our client was original paying per lead.